Collected here are examples of my work! I put a piece of my soul into each of the models!

Work examples


Demon game model! One of the most time consuming jobs — because I put my soul into it). I started with a selection of references on Pinterest, I also took the image of monsters from Doom, after that I opened my favorite Zbrush program and started sculpting a body from ready-made parts that I bought at Artstation. The sculpture was long — I didn’t like something about his breastplate all the time, so I had to redo it a couple of times. After that, I made a retopology — everything is standard here. The most interesting thing is painting in Substance Painter — probably it was the most painstaking — I always start with general colors, then add (emphasize) details, then I create smart materials with detailed information about the MATERIAL (I make it super realistic), after that I add more detail and end up using different filters to enhance the color. After that I make the skeleton of the model and animation — the Model is ready!)


Game model of an alien!) I was still thinking what model to make the next, and oh, you foolishly see that a new version of Substens Painter has been released in which a new Wrap tool has been added — I watched a couple of video tutorials and understood how it works — it is great for creating patterns on the model. Then I decided I needed to make an unusual model — the choice fell on some alien who will Shine! As usual, I started everything with sculpting in ZBrash — the sculpt is absolutely simple — it did not take more than 2 hours, although even on this model I tried to add as many details as possible). Perhaps I will not describe the next stages, but I will immediately move on to painting! While painting, a real miracle is happening — I downloaded many different PNG pictures with stars, particles, and abstractions of different shapes and sizes, after which I threw it all into Substens and started work — I added colors, pictures, mixed them with different overlays, added glow and did everything to make the model look JUST EXTRATERRANEAN — I think it turned out just Super — I was glad. After exporting to game engines, the model did not look any worse and this was a victory!)

Ghost Grandma

Grandma’s ghost play model! Oh, this is the best-selling of all my models — everyone says she has an unusual style and what has never been seen before — why don’t I argue with them that there is really very little that is similar on the market! Although the idea is not new to make a ghost! This model was not too complicated, but I made it from scratch without reference meshes — from one sphere — but it took a lot of time, but it was a valuable experience). In general, when painting, I tried to hit realism as usual, but at that time there was not enough experience in painting, so it turned out, as for me, not too good, but how will it go for styling! The most difficult thing was ahead — ANIMATIONS and SKELETON. Here I just had to get worn out — I never did anything like this — so that there were no legs, but there were tentacles — oooo it was a long time, but I did it, Blender and plugins helped me with this. Fortunately, I didn’t do a lot of animations, that’s why I didn’t burn out! Well, after I put the model in all stores, crazy sales began — several times a day — at that time for me it was a huge success, which allowed me to move on!)