3D model - Monsters and Creatures.

I create awesome fantasy creatures for games.

I draw monsters and all sorts of creatures of varying complexity — from idea to model.

Why You Should Choose Me

I have a lot of experience — I have worked with dozens of customers around the world and have made more than 40 character models of varying complexity. I am constantly developing in this area, finding new solutions to problems and studying trends.


When making a model, I study a lot of references from which I come up with a unique image.


I have been doing 3D modeling for more than 3 years - during this time I have studied all possible directions of 3D from Hard Surface to Characters and ending with VFX. But my choice fell on the Characters - I like them the most.

You can think of anything

Create, dream, create!
You can do anything — you just need to want!


High Quality Promise

For all the time I have studied many programs for 3D modeling and I am sure that I can cope with any task.

Programs that I use:


I made terrible monsters!

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